Meet Dvora Kravitz

Dvora understands the complexity of ADHD and how it often comes with learning difficulties and mood problems. Does your kid hyper focus on games or tech? Is she (or he) interested in anything but school? Dvora uses these passions to help kids and teens learn awareness and skills for self-care. We play games and create projects. We explore core values and set realistic goals. We modify and adjust our goals as we observe what works and what doesn’t.

Dvora specializes in individuals, couples, and families with ADHD, learning disabilities, and mood and anxiety disorders.
Dvora’s approach is psychoeducational with a lens that focuses on family, internal, mind-body, and community systems.
Dvora Kravitz is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 35915) in the state of California. Work hours include Sundays, afternoons and evenings. She provides face to face treatment with handicap access as well as teletherapy.

Additionally, Dvora is trained and experienced in the treatment of pre-natal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.