Meet Martin F. Faugno

I am convinced we share many attributes, habits, and desires but we are all on a unique journey. Therapy exists to help when we have questions, are confused, and lose our way. My journey began a long time ago and I did not attend college at the conventional stage of life. I received a BA in psychology at Fordham
University and an MSW from Yeshiva University, both institutions in NYC.

My interests drew me to varied sociological life stages: from Foster Care with infants right up to age 18. Then teenage addiction became for me a passion to see why young people would run away to substance abuse. I worked with adults with HIV/AIDS in a therapeutic community where substance abuse was also a major issue. Then I was back to adolescents where I became director of a small program working to get jobs for adolescents on probation. After an outpatient drug program at Beth Israel Hospital for 2 years, I moved to the Hospital’s Hospice program, working with the dying and their families.

Then I left NY and followed my two grown children to Los Angeles. In L.A. I found a job at Optimist Youth Homes and Family Services. My role there was to represent them at Juvenile Hall with children from 12 to 18 who had been involved in drugs, gangs, and violence. I worked there for 9 years.

The therapeutic modalities that I have devoted time to study are Motivational Interviewing, cognitive therapy, existential therapy and logotherapy. Finding meaning in life, working on anxiety, depression and boredom, and regaining a sense of balance and direction are the high points that need to be addressed in our world today. Getting back to one’s original journey, moving forward without fear is the way to find a life with meaning.