Meet Sahithi Parvathareddy

Sahithi earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR. Her interest in psychology sparked when she took her first course in high school and that is what motivated her to major in it in college. Drawing from her own struggle with mental health, she is aware of how important it is to staying happy and healthy. She is a part of the South Asian community. This community does not necessarily prioritize mental health, and that is another reason for why it is a priority for her personally. She has learned and continues to learn a lot of valuable skills through her educational and clinical experiences, such as how to broaden her understanding of how to work with and care for individuals with special needs. She has worked in the mental health field with children with Autism and children and teens have always been her population of interest. She is currently in training to be a PsyD. Clinical Psychologist at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Anaheim campus.